About Us

Welcome to Blue Orchid Digital

Blue Orchid is a consultancy collective. We are owned and operated as an equal partnership between four highly experienced SEO consultants: Callie, Dylan, Alec, and Cass.

Who we are

Prior to forming Blue Orchid, Callie, Alec, Cass, and Dylan all worked as senior SEO consultants and made up the executive team for the industry-renowned Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. (MHC). 

In mid-2022, MHC began to transition back to a solo-consultancy due to the owner’s (Marie) personal circumstances. Determined to continue working together and with a select number of our favourite clients, the four of us formed Blue Orchid Digital.

Our Approach

Blue Orchid Digitals adopts a “holistic” philosophy for improving organic search traffic. 

With deep expertise in traffic-drop analysis, site quality, penalty removal, and link quality, our approach to improving a site’s overall organic visibility is rooted in our deep understanding of the quality signals most important to users and to Google.

What we do

Every Blue Orchid Digital project is customized to the individual clients needs. The following are our common projects/services:

Meet the Team

The Blue Orchid team is an incredible group of people. We all work as a close knit team. We spend most of our days conducting strategic consulting for our clients, assessing traffic drops, removing Google penalties and discussing the latest news from Google. 

All of our consultants have at least 6+ years of experience in the industry. Collectively they have conducted analysis on over 200 websites, written for numerous industry publications, spoken at industry conferences, and most importantly – maintained a track record of generating consistent improvements in organic visibility and ROI for their clients. Meet the team!

Callie Scott

Callie (they/them) specializes in conducting data driven and qualitative SEO analysis with primary focuses on strategy. He also specializes in traffic drop analysis, technical SEO, and content quality. He has become our resident expert on Google’s knowledge graph and Google’s use of entity understanding for information retrieval and the larger search ecosystem.

With 7+ years of experience working in complex SEO environments, Callie has conducted over 100 technical and content focused SEO audits, helped attain consistent growth for many sites, and thrives when integrating into a company’s existing team and framework.

Before transitioning to working in SEO, Callie attained an MA in International Relations and Philosophy from the UKs top university (University of St Andrews) – completing his dissertation on the formation of collective identity within digitally exclusive social movements where he received a first class honors mark. This research provided a deep insight into how people interact within Digital spaces, which ultimately led to his interest and passion for understanding user behavior and its impact on consumer decision making within a digital environment, 

Callie  has spoken publicly on how to help websites recover from Google’s Core Quality Algorithm Updates at conferences such as DMSS and Invest Ottawa. He contributes frequently to SEO industry publications such as sitecheck.pro & Authority Labs, and podcasts such as Search News You Can Use and Agency Ahead.

Alec Brownscombe

With a unique background that includes history and journalism degrees as well as web development experience, Alec has over 10 years of experience in the SEO industry.  He has helped grow the organic presence of a wide variety of clients ranging from major news publishers to enterprise e-commerce websites. 

He also owns and operates the website mapleleafshotstove.com, which has grown to garner tens of millions of page views per year — a majority of which is Google organic traffic — counting it as one of the largest hockey websites online. 

Alec also led the Marie Haynes Consulting team’s first-place finish in the 2019 Wix SEO competition. He has extensive experience at technical SEO as well as content optimization for Google organic search, Top Stories, Discover, and Google News.

Dylan Adamek


Dylan Adamek grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and has always maintained a broad range of interests including playing guitar, physical fitness and investing. He has a passion for any topic involving business and how to help companies of any size succeed. He graduated from the financial management program at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario and has previously worked for different financial institutions. His past experience has helped him cultivate a love for exploring consumer behavior through analytics and content creation. Dylan is skilled in understanding how Google assesses quality. He advises regularly on link quality, manual action removal, as well as anything related to Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines.

Cassandra Downton


Combining her experience with an aptitude for data-driven analysis, technical SEO, and her deep understanding of Google’s guidelines on site quality, Cass is particularly adept at taking qualitative concepts such as “trust” and “authority” and turning them into actionable metrics websites can use to improve their organic traffic. After attaining her degree in microbiology and working several years in the pharmaceutical industry, Cass targeted her attention to detail and problem-solving skills towards SEO. 

She now specializes in consulting with websites in the health and medical niche. Cass is experienced in scoping, creating, and executing on custom high-level consulting projects for clients, as well as consulting with key stakeholders to guide and evolve their SEO implementation and strategy based on her audit recommendations.

Before co-founding Blue Orchid Digital, Cass was a manager at Marie Haynes Consulting and was instrumental in growing the agency from its inception. While acting as a mentor and managing a team of junior SEO analysts and account managers, Cass independently audited and consulted for her own clients. She was heavily involved in the operations, growth, forecasting, and policy development at MHC, as well as for developing and maintaining MHC’s highly successful SEO training program for new hires.

Cass speaks publicly at conferences and podcasts on how to help websites recover from Google’s Core Quality Algorithm Updates, and also on the topics of backlink quality and disavowing. In her time at MHC, Cass also oversaw and was responsible for the content curation of the company’s weekly SEO newsletter, and managed the team responsible for the writing, sponsorship outreach and relations, and publication.

How we work

All four consultants select and execute their own contracts and clients. We collaborate frequently, working on tough SEO problems together, but also maintain the autonomy of a solo consultant. 

For our clients this presents a unique opportunity, being able to draw on 25+ years of combined SEO experience as one would get with a larger agency, but not being tied down to strict protocols, templates, and systems that are too often focused on maximizing agency profit and not client experience.

We do not outsource any of our work and choose not to have any junior employees – allowing us to focus all our time on servicing our clients. When you sign on to work with a Blue Orchid consultant, they will be the ones working directly with you at every stage of the journey. 

Would you like to start an SEO project with us?

We are currently taking on clients for SEO site audits, traffic drop assessments, technical SEO projects, hourly and ongoing consulting.