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With 25+ years of experience on our team, we combine industry-leading technical expertise with an expansive understanding of Google’s ranking systems to generate sustainable organic search traffic growth for your business.

How can we help you?

Blue Orchid Digital adopts a “holistic” philosophy for improving organic search performance.  With deep expertise in traffic-drop analysis, site quality, penalty removal, and link quality, our approach to improving a site’s overall organic visibility is rooted in our deep understanding of the quality signals most important to users and to Google.

Strategic SEO Audits

Hire the Blue Orchid Team to conduct a custom, comprehensive SEO audit of your site to uncover areas for improvement and build a results-driven SEO strategy for the future.

Technical SEO Projects

From technical audits, to site migrations, to internal linking strategy, we have done it all.

Hire the Blue Orchid team for one-off or ongoing technical SEO projects.

Traffic Drop Assessments

Seen a significant drop in your Google organic traffic?

By conducting a data-driven traffic drop assessment, we will get to the bottom of what happened and advise on the best steps for your site going forward.

Ongoing SEO Consulting

Have our consultants work directly with you and your team to head up your organic SEO efforts for continued and sustainable Google traffic growth.

Minimum 6 month engagement required.

Meet Our Team

Unlike most SEO agencies, Blue Orchid is a consultancy collective. That means we are owned and operated as an equal partnership between four highly experienced SEO consultants: Callie, Dylan, Alec, and Cass.


Dylan Adamek

Callie Scott (they/them)


Cassandra Downton

Alec Brownscombe

"Excellent SEOs who have a thorough and growing knowledge of what really works when it comes to ranking on Google"

"When I started my SEO agency, MHC in 2017, my first four hires were Cass, Dylan, Alec and Callie. Together, we built an incredible company of 12. The entire team studied and learned about Google every day in our office. We helped hundreds of businesses recover after being negatively impacted by a Google algorithm update ranging from tiny businesses to giant internationally recognized brands.

I now refer traffic drop assessments, site quality reviews, technical concerns and much more to Blue Orchid. They’re the most knowledgeable SEOs I know.

I wholeheartedly recommend this company. They are excellent SEOs, have a thorough and growing knowledge of what really works when it comes to ranking on Google, and are all around excellent people!"

Marie Haynes
Marie Haynes Consulting Inc

Our Success Stories

Over the years, the consultants at Blue Orchid Digital have worked with a wide array of clients and websites. The ultimate goal of any SEO engagement is to gain more advantageous presence and visibility in Google search and/or to provide the client with the information they need to make informed decisions about their organic search strategy.

Here are some examples of the results we have achieved!

Google Update Recovery

This is one of Blue Orchid’s current clients in our strategic SEO consulting program. When they started working with us they had just seen a catastrophic drop in their rankings following a Google update. The team reviewed the site in depth and put in place a detailed action plan to improve the site's technical SEO and content quality. Their traffic recovered with the product review update a few months after implementation and we are now focused on building more sustainable, diverse traffic to the site through page level optimization, new content ideation, and technical SEO fixes.

Google " Medic" Recovery

Google's August 1st “Medic” update decimated a lot of websites, including this client in the mental health space. While working at their previous agency, members of our team worked with this site's SEO team to understand their drop in organic traffic and build them a strategy for recovery which focused around trimming out low quality content and rebuilding the site's external reputation (among other things). Callum and Cass were invited to present this recovery story at the Digital Marketing Skill Share (DMSS) in the fall of 2019.

Technical SEO Win

This client had an incredibly messy site, with no clear URL or internal linking structure. Upon the advice and guidance of Callum, the client underwent a massive content overhaul - utilizing padmapper to categorize their content into a hub & spoke model and interlinking the pages with appropriate keyword anchors based on query research. The result was significant visibility in their organic keywords almost across the board.

"A great group of passionate experts!"

"We have worked with the Blue Orchid team on a variety of SEO-specific projects for our portfolio of websites including Investor.com, StockBrokers.com, and ForexBrokers.com. A great group of passionate experts! We would highly recommend them."
Brandon Reinkensmeyer
Co-founder, Reink Media Group

Want to work with Blue Orchid Digital?

We are currently taking on clients for site audits, traffic drop assessments, technical SEO projects, hourly and ongoing consulting. 

"Blue Orchid worked with us to develop a plan to be successful in the constantly evolving world of SEO"

"The support and guidance that Blue Orchid provided me helped our website's SEO and continues drive more traffic to our site.

As a long standing website, we had implemented numerous strategies over the years. The team at Blue Orchid helped us spot how some of these strategies were outdated and were doing more harm than good. They worked with us to develop a plan to be successful in the constantly evolving world of SEO.

I highly recommend Blue Orchid to help keep your website up to date with the most effective SEO strategies."

Marcel Gemme